What really makes us who we are is our ability to steer change, diversity, creativity, critical thinking, competitive differentiation, grity, ethical reasoning, and ethical leadership.                                                                                         

                                                                       Finding the right officers for your property

Finding talented security officers to protect your property is our main objective.

Our managers are very creative in their search for qualified officers. So, we look for both internal and external to find the best candidates.

We devote considerable attention to our human resource management, the function of attracting, developing, and recruiting enough qualified officers to perform the activities necessary to accomplish organizational objectives.

                      We at Crest Security Services, we position ourselves to offer our clients a spectrum of security services. We will effectively meet the varied needs of our clients by offering value added security services and security products. Crest Security Services can provide a solution to any security challenge. We believe we have a competitive advantage because of our service philosophy and our commitment to providing excellent quality services to our clients. 

Management Development Programs

Our management development program provides training designed to improve the skills an broaden the knowledge of current and potential executives.We provide programs that help our managers to quickly learn how to lead a fast-moving company through turbulent times.

Our Officers And Human Relations

At crest security services, we believe the role of human relations for the security officer is not to be an expert in it, but to simply use the skill effectively in every day work interactions with others. We believe human relation skill should be practiced at all time while on the job. They can be used in emergencies, decision making and to improve proffessional standing in accordance with these skills, we believe our officer should maintain phisical and mental fitness and also have an understanding of human behavior and stress management. A neat phisical appearance is critical as well, as appearance is aproximately 55% of the message our security officers send to our clients.

Our belief And Human Relation

we believe one of the most important outcomes of effective human relations is the maintenance of a positive image for the officer, our security department and the organization as a whole. Image is valuable;our organizations work hard to attain and maintain a favorable image.We believe our Images can make or break the success of our organization or individual officer.We believe Poor human relations skills and unprofessionalism can destroy a positive image.Our Security officers represent us  that employ them and they must project a positive image in accordance to the image crest security services  wants to maintain.

We developed specific programs and activities as well as creating a work environment that generates employee satisfaction and efficiency.

The core responsibilities of our management team includes recruitment and selection, training and evaluating performance.

Accomplishing these tasks will help us achieve our objectives of providing qualified well-trained employees to meet our client's expectations.

Our Core Value

At crest security services, we attract skilled and knowledgeable employees to better serve and meet our clients needs.

We have a mission to maximize your security by bringing you the best security officers, technology and greatest resources.Our officers are obligated to adhere to a detail set of values, principles and outstanding services.

Training Programs

Training our employees is our main priority, so that they can build skills and knowledge that will prepare them for new opportunities withing our company.

We believe that training is also a good investment from our perspective. We see our employee trainning as an ongoing process troughout each employee's tenure with crest security services.

  At crest security services, we make training a vital part of selecting and hiring employees, as well as developing their careers. 

Protect Your Neighborhood

Crest security services provides the protection so that you can have a safe environment in your neighbohood. Our officers are always prepared to deal with unexpected situations.

If you live in a community with a Home owner's Association(HOA) Crest Security Services can help you enforce the rules to keep the community functioning properly.



In this era of general insecurity arising from increase in crime wakes, crest security services has set itself the task of ensuring the safety of lives and properties of its clients.We are committed to a mission of protecting you and your organization. Crest Security Services reputation is founded on the ability to deliver high standard services to our clients.

One of the key ways in which our management team accomplishes those tasks, is to develop human resource plans base on our organization's strategies.

in recruiting and selecting employees our management team strives to hire highly skills applicants to meet the expectations of our clients.

To ensure that potential candidates bring the necessary skills or have the capacity to learn we have implemented our recruitment and selection.

We believe that employee motivation is the key to effective management and it starts with good employee morale. Valuing our employees creates a tendency to help them best by believing they are capable of succeeding.

Performance Appraisal

We help our employees improve their performance by providing feedback about their past performance.We compare actual results with desired outcomes, based on this evaluation, our managers make objective decisions about rating employees performance and communicating perceptions of their strenghs and weaknesses or if additional training needs. 

These are important elements in improving our firm's effectiveness and productivity.

Peer Reviews

We conduct peer reviews, in which employees assess the performance of co-workers. Our on-the-job training, which prepares employees for job duties by allowing them to perform tasks under the guidance of experienced employees.Our apprenticeship training in which our employees learn by serving for a time as an assistant to a trained worker.

We supply trained security officers to do regular neiborhood patrols that can make your area less prone to activities like thefts and crimes. Our security officers will always be nearby when you need it.

If there is a specific area in your community that is more vulnerable to crime, our guards can pay special attention to it to reduce crime rates. Not only we will keep close eyes on graffiti or break-ins we will as well strive our best to keep your neighborhood in good shape.

We believe our images can make or breakthe success of our organization or individual officer. It is made clear by crest security services to its officers exactly what image they are expected to project and maintain.To help maintain a positive image, we ensure that our security officers possess the following ten qualities,politeness, show of interest and concern, tact, discreetness, maintainning confidentiality, impartiality, calmness, patience and helpfulness.










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